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Dr. Gina Ha
Dr. Gina Ha

We Care About Your Experience.

We know that visiting the dentist can be a little stressful. Going to a dentist you can trust, where you feel comfortable, is essential. That’s why we offer a relaxing environment with highly trained staff. We’re experts at helping patients feel comfortable and at ease.

  • We conduct in-depth consultations with you to collaboratively decide on your personal treatment.

  • We show you exactly what's going on inside your mouth with our state-of-the-art imaging technology.

  • We keep you informed because we believe that with sharing, education and communication comes peace of mind.

  • We will always make sure you are comfortable with your payment plan. Special senior discounts and student rates available. Just talk to us.

  • Affordable financing of implants, veneers, Invisalign and other procedures from $89 per month. Learn more HERE.

We are Proud of Our Excellent Reputation! See What Our Patients Are Saying:

Dr. Ha and her staff go above and beyond to make the patients feel welcome and comfortable in her office.

Dr. Ha and her staff go above and beyond to make the patients feel welcome and comfortable in her office. Going to the dentist can make me feel tense at the best of times, but my experience here over the last year has been one of genuine respect and professionalism. They take the time to discuss options with you and are very easy to talk to. They aren’t out to upsell, gouge and judge the clients as I have experienced previously. I strongly recommend this office if you’re in the Yonge and Sheppard area or even if you live a little further.

I was so scared for years until Dr. Gina Ha saw [my tooth] and said ‘No Way! It’s an easy fix.’... I was shocked at how quick she was and how painless the whole procedure was.

I switched to Dr. Gina Ha a year ago and I could not be more pleased. Her work is really amazing and I am a baby with pain and doing my fillings did not hurt at all with Dr. Gina Ha.

I had one really bad silver filling from almost 10 years ago. A lot of food was getting stuck in the filling and my previous dentist told me that the filling was so deep, most likely to switch it to white I would need to have a root canal (ugh!). I kept holding it back because I was so scared for years until Dr Gina Ha saw it said "No Way!" its an easy fix. It really was a breeze - I was shocked at how quick she was and how painless the whole procedure it was. The past 30 years of my life I always assumed fillings were supposed to be painful but not anymore!

I also get my routine scalings (cleaning) done here and its been great so far. They tech really gets in there to ensure all the plaque buildup is cleaned out so that you feel squeaky clean afterwards.

I was in a rush to get my invisalign done before my wedding to do some minor adjustments to my front teeth and Dr. Ha was able to accommodate for the short notice.

About Dr. Gina Ha & Associations

With integrity, honesty and genuine kindness, I will strive to earn your trust.
Dr. Gina Ha, DDS
  • 20 years of experience

  • Participates in continuing education

  • Combines artistic and technical skill for healthy smiles that look incredible.

  • Goes above and beyond for your comfort

  • Meets and exceeds dental standards set out by the RCDSO

6 Reasons
Our Patients
Love Us

State of the art Technology

The latest technology makes a big difference for the quality of patient care a clinic like
ours can provide. We only use digital X-Rays, which drastically reduce the dose of radiation
when compared to film X-Rays. We also use internal cameras to take pictures of the inside of
your mouth, so you can see exactly what’s going on and much more.

Easy Communication

Put your mind at ease. Dr. Ha and all our staff take the time to actually listen to what you
have to say. We’re always open for conversation, and we love to laugh!

Light Sedation Options

Some people can feel a bit stressed about going to the dentist, so in order to provide all
types of patients with a great dental experience we can induce light sedation with nitrous
oxide, which is gentler and less risky than other deep sedation methods.

6 Reasons
Our Patients
Love Us

After Care

We set you up with all of the information you need to ensure the best success from your
procedures. We also follow up to make sure you’re happy with your experience. It’s also a
great time to ask us any questions you might have.

We’re on the subway line – perfect for commuters!

Many busy, working professionals simply don’t have the time to get to most dental offices. At
Dr. Gina Ha & Associates, we’re open until 6 or 7 PM most weekdays, and are open on
Saturdays. We’re located right above the Yonge & Sheppard subway station, so stopping by is
a breeze.

We work with your insurance so there are no surprises

We process all types of insurance. But that’s not all. We go the extra mile and keep a
careful eye on your limits, to help make sure that you never go over. And if you need a big
procedure, we’ll send estimates to your insurance company before we begin, so there are no
surprises. That way, you can take care of your teeth with confidence!

Summer Smile Makeover

A healthy, radiant smile goes with you wherever you go! When you whiten your teeth at the dentists, the results are much faster and more noticeable than doing it at home.

Come visit us this summer, and save $50 on in-office whitening.

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