Dental Checkup and Cleaning

Dental checkups and cleanings should be a regular part of your wellness plan. It’s recommended that healthy adults and children have their teeth cleaned and a routine checkup done every six months.

At Dr. Gina Ha & Associates, we use your scheduled cleaning appointment time to thoroughly clean your teeth to remove built up tartar and plaque. After the cleaning, we examine your teeth to determine changes and detect any possible issues.

Regular exams are important for good oral health and as a precaution for other health related issues.

Do you have a fear of dentists? Dentophobia can be a serious problem for some people, causing them to skip routine visits and only seek dental help when they’re experiencing issues. At Dr. Gina Ha & Associates, we prioritize our patients’ comfort. We work to eliminate any fear or stress for patients by offering light sedation upon request.

Dental Checkup and Cleaning Process

We stress the importance of regular dental checkups and cleanings because we know that our patients enjoy better oral and overall health when they properly maintain their smile.

The dental cleaning, when performed on a regular schedule, is quick and poses very little discomfort. Patients also feel much better about their smile when their teeth have been professionally cleaned. After the cleaning, Dr. Ha performs a thorough evaluation on the health of teeth and gums. On some occasions, we may take x-rays or make moulds to monitor your tooth health over time.

We also evaluate your overall health to highlight any issues that are not tooth related. Dr. Ha evaluates for any outward signs to make sure that issues are caught as soon as possible. Patients with gum disease are at higher risk for health issues, such as diabetes and heart disease. Recognizing these warning signs in your teeth can help you make excellent choices with your overall health.

Visit Dr. Gina Ha & Associates for Your Next Dental Checkup and Cleaning

If you’re in the North York area, Dr. Gina Ha & Associates offers friendly and comprehensive dental care. We prioritize your comfort and take time to explain any treatment that we recommend and how it will benefit your dental health today and in the future.

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Important Notice: Temporary Office Closure

At Dr. Gina Ha & Associates, the safety of our patients and our team are our top priority. In order to fully comply with the recommendations given by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, our office is currently closed in order to help reduce spread of COVID-19. We are informed that the RCDSO will review the situation again in the beginning of April to provide further guidance.

In the meantime, if you need to communicate with our office, please send your emails to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you have dental emergencies that cannot wait, please contact the dental emergency clinic at 416-510-2253 or until further notice. We will update you as to when our office will be back to our normal operations as soon as we know.

Thank you for your understanding and please practise social distancing for the greater good. If all of us do our parts to help out, the end to this nightmare will come sooner and we will all be able to get back to our normal lives. Pray that all of you will stay safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.

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