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Restore Your Smile: Gum Grafting from a North York Dentist

People say that you get “longer in your teeth” as you get older. However, contrary to the usual belief, “long teeth” don’t always have to go together with aging. When a tooth becomes long, you are losing the jaw bone that supports and holds the tooth in place and the root of the tooth starts to show, making it look longer. You can reverse this process with gum grafting from a North York dentist at Dr. Gina Ha & Associates.

Why does it happen? One very common cause for bone loss is advanced periodontal disease or gum disease. Other factors may include a history of orthodontic treatment, parafunctional habits such as teeth grinding and clenching, defective or inadequate restorations, or structural damages to the crown or root of the tooth.

When the bone loss is limited to the front surface of the root, the exposed root can be covered back up by adding thick connective tissue through a minor gum surgery. By adding thicker tissue to the root surface, sensitivities can be reduced, wear and caries on the root surface can be prevented, an aesthetically pleasing appearance can be obtained, and future recession can be prevented.

Traditionally, the connective tissue used to cover the root surfaces had to be harvested from the palate, making the procedure painful. However, with advanced microsurgical technique and the use of a dermal matrix such as AlloDerm®, we can achieve esthetically superior results with less discomfort for the patients.

If you or your loved one is feeling “long in the tooth,” please contact your dentist in North York, Dr. Gina Ha, for a consultation.

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